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Red Plague Remedy (PRE-ORDER) Sale Price!

Red Plague Remedy (PRE-ORDER) Sale Price!

$ 38.00 $ 65.00

Note: Clearance Sale Price! We sold out of our previous sets BUT we've decided to offer our next brewing batch at the same clearance price for those who pre-order the sets.

This next batch will be ready and shipped out around the middle to the end of April, 2020.

Please watch the video below. (Regularly $45 per set.)

Note: If you place an order for other items along with the Red Plague Remedy, ALL of those items will be shipped with the Red Plague Remedy. If you'd like to receive your other items earlier than the Red Plague Remedy, please make two separate purchases. Thank you!


Product Description: 

One set of Red Plague Remedy - Includes one 4 oz bottle & one 8 oz bottle.

One set is enough for one adult during time of plague or severe illness or is enough for two children. This remedy has also been used, with success, for sinus infections, pneumonia, cold and flu's. 

Shelf life is 30+ years. Because it's in an alcohol base, it won't go bad or become less potent over time. 

Read more about this special remedy set at this link

Here's where you can read the story of how this recipe came to be and where you can view the recipe.

Here's the recorded audio conference call where I first told everyone about this remedy.

And here's the Red Plague Remedy Forum we created where others can come together to share or read tips/suggestions regarding the remedy making process.

If these are sold out but you'd still like to purchase some, fill out this form to be notified when more sets will be available.

 Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Seek medical care if you think you have the flu or other illness that needs medical attention. We do not guarantee, nor do we claim, that this formula will be effective against any certain virus.