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Hurley Technique - Spinal Alignment Training taught by Dr. Adamson - Set of DVD's and Book

Hurley Technique - Spinal Alignment Training taught by Dr. Adamson - Set of DVD's and Book

$ 225.00

Dr. Jed Adamson's Hurley Technique training DVD set. 

>>> The training will include Dr. Adamson's Hurley Technique book that goes along with the class and a DVD with 2+ hours of instruction to thoroughly learn this technique PLUS an extra video that I have put together that teaches you how to do the simplified version of this technique coupled with other techniques that works miracles for a curved back! <<<

The Hurley Technique releases muscle tension, eases joint pain, improves posture and circulation, and helps the body realign itself through proper placement of the skeletal system. It is achieved by adjusting the position of the sacrum to the field of gravity.

This skill is something I'm so grateful to know how to use within my own home and I hope you love having this new skill that you can use to bless and benefit you and your family members as well! Every health-conscious family should know the skill and have the ability to adjust their family members spines as they grow or have an accident or run into joint problems. 

Dr. Adamson was the EMS director for Drone county for over 20 years. During this time he blew his back out and it left him in debilitating pain for 4 years. He had someone do the Hurley Technique on his back and it gave him relief for 4-5 days. He was impressed with the results and decided to be trained to do the Hurley Technique through a massage school in Utah and is now completely back pain free. Dr. Adamson has since then become a licensed acupuncturist, a myotherapist, and a naturopathic health expert. He is the owner of Intermountain College of Natural and Holistic Health & Wellness Center in Twin Falls Idaho.

Training's like this usually cost 5-10 times as much. We LOVE working with Dr. Adamson because of his down-to-earth knowledge, 20+ years of experience and because of how generous he is with what he charges for his courses. 

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