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Healing Wounds, Burns, Bites & Stings - DVD Training!

Healing Wounds, Burns, Bites & Stings - DVD Training!

$ 95.00

This training teaches how to use the most effective natural remedies and tools we have available to us to address all manner of topical maladies.

The valuable teachings in this course are skills and knowledge we think everyone should be familiar with. It's inevitable that we will, at one time or another in our lifetime, be faced with all types of topical maladies like wounds, insect bites, stings, or burns. Although though issues may be awful to deal with, it's wonderful and amazing to have valuable herbs and tools we can use to help effectively heal every one of those unwanted issues on a day-to-day basis or for emergency/disaster scenario situations. 

In this in-depth DVD training Claudia teaches the following information:

  • A Review of Remedies and Solutions for Topical Maladies
  • Basic Wound Cleaning and Care
  • Addressing Lacerations
  • Addressing Puncture Wounds
  • Using Herbs for Open Wounds
  • Using Bentonite Clay for Wounds
  • Using Activated Charcoal for Wounds
  • Other Wound Healing Options
  • Addressing Bites and Stings
  • Signs, Symptoms, and Steps for Infection

This course includes the DVD, the training booklet, samples of bentonite clay, activated charcoal, herbal wound mix, and a sample of Saniderm or other similar bandage. It also includes links to other valuable resources and case studies that share how effective the remedies taught in this course really are!