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Gut & Liver Extensive Protocol

$ 85.00

This gut and liver protocol is for those who do not plan on doing the Complete Body Detox but would like to focus on healing the gut and liver. Visit the Gut & Liver Basic Aftercare Protocol if you would like to do the Gut & Liver protocol AFTER having done the Complete Body Detox protocol. 

The Gut & Liver Restoration protocol focuses on healing and bringing balance to the digestive system and the liver. Probiotics alone, although beneficial, are usually not the answer to healing the gut. The liver is the first place in the body that we need to nurture. Bile is produced by the liver and bile is one of the first and possibly most important steps in digesting our food (and killing off unwanted pathogens in the food we put into our body). 

When we address both unsatisfactory liver and digestive functions that's when we can really make a difference regarding gut dysbiosis (too many bad bacteria throughout the digestive system), gut fermentation, slow bowel peristalsis, chronic constipation/diarrhea, and poor nutrient and fat assimilation and absorption. 

This 30-day protocol does the following:

  • Stimulates production of stomach acid and bile flow
  • Opens vessels, ducts and valves to support proper flow of bile and digestive juices
  • Supports and restores the liver
  • Dissolves calcification stones which bog down the liver, kidneys and gallbladder
  • Helps heal the digestive tract through the use of herbs and other minerals 
  • Eliminates viruses and chemicals which are a common contributing factor to a sluggish liver and gut imbalances. 
  • Eliminates Candida and Parasites from digestive system and body

This protocol includes the following remedies:

  • 2 oz bottle Digestive Bitters
  • 2 oz bottle Liver Support & Detox formula
  • 2 oz bottle Magnesium Chloride Oil
  • Digestive Tract Herbal Mix
  • 2 oz Hydrangea Root Glycerite
  • 2 oz Viral Herbal Formula
  • 1 oz Chemicals Detox Homeopathic formula

There are 4 other remedies that need to be purchased outside of this protocol that are a part of this protocol. They include:

NOW brand Inulin, L-Glutamine powder, and Super Enzymes. Also purchase some organic castor oil. These supplements will heal the digestive lining, re-balance the bacteria in the large and small intestines and will help free up the work on the liver and digestive tract, allowing the other steps in this protocol to be more effective. 

These three supplements can be purchased from Amazon, health food stores or online health stores. 

Instructions explaining how to do this protocol is included with each order.

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