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NEW! Deep Balance Daily Balancing Body Oil - 8 oz - On Sale!

NEW! Deep Balance Daily Balancing Body Oil - 8 oz - On Sale!

$ 22.00

Rubbing oil onto the body is something that has been practiced in Ayurvedic medicine for over 5000 years. An end-of-the-day body oil massage not only has a long list of benefits for the body, the cells, the skin, and the nervous system but it's also a great way to care for the one body we get to have in this lifetime in a loving and attentive way at the end of each busy day. 

This product is the oil blend Claudia uses for when she does body oiling - which is usually around 3 times per week. This blend contains structured extra virgin olive oil and fractionated coconut oil infused with a special blend of essential oils including Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender and Melissa which are antipathogenic but also help to calm and strengthen the nervous system and reduce inflammation throughout the body's tissues, ligaments, and all structures of the body.

Body oiling is an ancient technique, revered for centuries in the Indian Ayurvedic healing system. It can be used for calming and nourishing the body and bringing the element of ritual into everyday life. You can elevate your daily ritual and stay relaxed, nourished, and healthy all winter long by adding body oiling to your routine.
Body oiling benefits the nervous system, the immune system, and increases body circulation, softens the skin, helps lubricates joints, and is a great way to show your body loving gratitude for all it does for you. 
Body oiling is simple. Simply choose your oil and massage over your entire body.
Additional benefits of body oiling include increased blood circulation, joint lubrication, soft and smooth skin, thick and healthy hair (when you massage your scalp), increased stamina, and decreased anxiety.