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Beyond Wheat & Weeds Book (COLOR)

Beyond Wheat & Weeds Book (COLOR)

$ 55.00
Beyond Wheat and Weeds is one of the first emergency preparedness books of its kind. It not only lists many of the world's most effective alternative, natural, and nutritional remedies- ranging from ancient herbs and clays to the latest scientific breakthroughs, but it also covers explanations on how and when to use these remedies. Additionally it gives you the how-to’s of some of the most important, potentially life-saving, tools that we should store.

Beyond Wheat and Weeds has descriptions, symptoms and over 30 treatment protocols for more than 80 common illnesses and causes of mortality- including the CDC's list of the most common infectious diseases that can and do take place during a disaster. It ranges from Giardia, E. Coli and Tuberculosis to common day-to-day illnesses such as ear infections, strep throat, stomach flu to other illnesses that can also take place like gall bladder attacks, lice, or shock.

Storing food or relying on our backyard weeds simply won't be enough, once it comes to facing the infectious diseases that will likely occur during a disaster.

Beyond Wheat and Weeds makes it easy to know what to store and gives anyone, whether they're familiar with alternative remedies or not, the know-how for using recommended tools, administering remedies for illness, treating injury, and applying preventative measures.

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