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Advanced Muscle Testing Training by Dr. Adamson

Advanced Muscle Testing Training by Dr. Adamson

$ 175.00 $ 850.00

We've coupled up with Dr. Jed Adamson one final time to offer another excellent DVD training! It's a complete muscle testing training that teaches you how to tap into the information circuit in the body that works as a pathway to pinpointing problem areas in the body. By learning this muscle testing method, you're basically learning how to isolate an area in trouble and pinpoint remedies/supplements that will rebalance that stress. By knowing how to do this muscle testing technique you eliminate having to guess which alternative remedies you should use! 

You'll learn how to do the following things in this video training:

  1. Learn the correct muscle testing techniques. 
  2. Determine if the person is testable (and learn how to calibrate them if they're not). 
  3. Check the 5 body Stressors (and pinpoint remedies for any weak areas).
  4. Perform the full Body Scan (and pinpoint the primary issue).
  5. Make a remedy plan. 

The training includes a DVD of Dr. Adamson's training, my own DVD reviewing this method, and a booklet containing steps taught during the video training, a muscle testing flow chart, the body scan chart, and other materials.

We couple up with Dr. Adamson and make this training available only a few times a year!