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#2 - 6c Essential Homeopathic *SET of 33* GROUP BUY

#2 - 6c Essential Homeopathic *SET of 33* GROUP BUY

$ 205.00 $ 264.00

This group buy is for the remedies listed below. These are what we feel are the most important homeopathics to have on hand.

This is the 2nd part of a 2 part group buy- however, it isn't necessary to have participated in the last group buy to participate in this one.

* Note: the remedies in this group buy are at a 6c dilution. This is not the most effective homeopathic dilution. The significance of this group buy is to use these remedies to make almost unlimited 30c dilutions on your own using your 6c remedies. We have a course available to teach you how to do this.


These remedies range from $5 to $15 online-an average of $10 per vial. In this group buy we are able to get them at an average of  $6.21 each!

The following most basic, first-aid homeopathic remedies - at a 6c dilution:

  1. Allium cepa
    2. Antimonium tartaricum
    3. Apis mellifica
    4. Arnica Montana
    5. Arsenicum album
    6. Belladonna
    7. Bryoria alba
    8. Calcarea carbonica
    9. Chamomilla
    10. Cinchona officinalis
    11. Colocynthis
    12. Drosera rotundfolia
    13. Dulcamara
    14. Eupatorium perfoliatum
    15. Ferrum phosphoricum
    16. Gelsemium sempervirens
    17. Hepar sulphuris calcareum
    18. Hypericum perforatum
    19. Ignatia amara
    20. Ipecacuanha
    21. Kali bichromicum
    22. Lachesis
    23. Ledum palustre
    24. Magnesia phosphoric
    25. Mercurous solubilis
    26. Natrum muriaticum
    27. Nux vomica
    28. Pulsatilla nigricans
    29. Rhus toxicodendron
    30. Sepia
    31. Sillicea
    32. Spongier tosta
    And Oscillococcinum


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