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Rechargeable Red Laser Light - 650nm

$ 40.00

Having a high-quality red laser light is a must in our home and has been the case for many years. It’s Claudia’s first go-to for a smashed finger or a stubbed toe, for bruises and for a simple, yet effective, treatment for sprains and even bone breaks. The red laser can be used to help increase energy via improved mitochondria function, it helps detox the body, and helps increase circulation throughout the body.

Red light has incredible healing effects on the cells where it can increase energy production, modulate inflammation, relieve pain, help cells regenerate faster and it helps enhance the function of our mitochondria, our cellular energy generators.

Red light therapy has been found to have the capacity to irradiate the blood and it has the ability to affect the entire body through the changes in the blood cells/compounds, not just the area the light was shined on. There is evidence of systemic effects of light therapy, which means that application to one site of the body can produce an improvement of a condition in another distant body part that did not receive light.

An information sheet containing basic instructions on how to use the red laser light and many of the different ways it can be used (from improved sleep to quicker healing bones) is included with each laser.

Light Dosage recommendations are to shine the laser on specific areas of the body for as little as 10 seconds up to 3 minutes. I've found that it’s effective even if applied for only up to 10 seconds per area. Every body is different and may vary in how long the body needs to be exposed to the light in order to feel that it’s doing something.

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