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Food Storage Powerhouse: 12 Food Storage Treasures

Food Storage Powerhouse: 12 Food Storage Treasures

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The amount of nutrition we get out of our food storage, especially during a prolonged disaster situation, determines whether we thrive during a disaster or become susceptible to the onslaught of infectious diseases that sweep through areas after a disaster has occurred.

Food Storage Powerhouse is an eye-opening book explaining 12 specific treasures that, when applied to our food storage, will allow us to increase our food storage nutrition by up to 2000%!

If we understand what these 12 treasures are and apply them to our current and future food storage, we will have a better chance of being the one's to survive a prolonged disaster.  With the health and strength that comes from adequate nutrition, our families will be protected and we will be able to help recreate civility in our community.

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